Employee Screening...

What you need to know to make a good hiring decision:

  • Good employment history and work ethic with current and past employers.
  • Education and credentials are accurate.
  • No negative public records history.
  • Healthy and drug free.
  • Financially responsible to handle company's money.

Valuable information we can secure:

  • Employer references & income verification
  • Appropriate skill level & attendance record
  • Verification of the Social Security number
  • Credentials checked
  • Credit Payment History
  • Criminal records checked
  • Driving records checked
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Customized Screening

You may customize your screening and choose from the following services.

Credit Payment History - includes SSN verification (CPH)
Nationwide Criminal Record Search (NC)
Motor Vehicle Driving Record (DR)
Package (includes CPH, NC, and DR services)
Verification of Past Employers (Each)

* Volume discounts available

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